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Frequently Asked Questions

How many years has RAE Affairs been in business?


How many events has RAE Affairs done?

Over 500

What is the best way to reach RAE Affairs?

Visit our contact page or email us directly at

What is the average wedding budget?

We believe no two events are the same. The best way to determine the right budget based on your event is to contact us for a consultation

How can I get in touch with a planner?

We will love to connect with you. Please email us at

What the best month to get married?

This depends a lot on where you live and what you consider a priority. For instance someone who wants an outdoor ceremony should select an early fall wedding when its not too hot or too cold. Someone who to get a great deal off the venue cost should consider getting married in the low season where the venue has fewer events. Ideally there is no perfect month in the general sense but there is a perfect month for you based on what is post important to you. P.S. October has increasingly become the most popular month to get married in the DC, MD, VA area

Do I have to know all my vendors before hiring a planner?

No, we are here to assist with all your planning needs which includes securing your vendors. No matter the stage you are in your planning process we are here to help

Do you have experience with planning multi cultural weddings?

Yes, we have years of vast experience with multi cultural weddings and love the display of culture

Do you travel outside of DC

Yes, we plan destination weddings in and outside of America

Do you get paid commissions from venues or vendors

No, we have a strict policy NO commissions. We do not accept or offer commissions from vendors or venues. Be rest assured the only reason we will recommend a vendor to you is because they fit your style and budget

What is the number one advice you will have for a couple?

Remember to keep dating yourselves even while you are engaged. A wedding is a one day event and your marriage is forever so never stop investing in your marriage first… and remember to “Relax And Enjoy”

I think I want a custom dress but I am not sure how to decide?

Having a custom dress is a great idea if you want something unique, however, we always suggest to try on dresses first at the store before making the decision to go custom. We suggest this for a couple of different reasons;

One is that as a bride we believe you should have the dress shopping experience even if it is only once. This will allow you have some fun trying on different styles and silhouettes and it could also help you narrow down your vision further.

Secondly, ask yourself if what you want in a custom dress is something you cannot find off the rack, you could discuss with your planner or hire a bridal stylist to help you narrow down your vision or find the designer or salon that carries dresses like you envision.

Lastly if you decide to go custom, make sure you count the cost, and most importantly work with a reputable designer. There is nothing worse than going custom with a designer who is not experienced in an effort to save cost and then getting a dress that is very different from your vision.

Whether you decide to buy a dress from the store or go custom one thing we hope for you is that your wedding look is even more beautiful than you imagined

How long before my wedding should I order a dress?

We usually recommend you purchase your dress 8-10 months before the wedding and no later than 6 months before. Anything beyond that will be cutting it too close.

Some designers will be able to get your dress in a short period of time but you will be limited “in” your selection. If you shop too close to the wedding date, you “may” have to consider buying a dress “off” the rack from the store.

Try not to wait too long before buying your dress, talk to your wedding planner to assist you with this process so you are not stressed out about it

My mother and I are not on the same page with the wedding, she has her own vision and I have mine, what should I do?

Dealing with family and varying opinions for the wedding can be tough, and we completely understand. It is especially hard when “the strong conflicting opinion comes from a close family, friend, or from” your mother.

We usually suggest having an honest conversation with your mother about your vision and ideas “to” let her know elements that are really important to you.

We strongly recommending having a third party involved in conversations you have regarding the wedding, someone who is able to approach the situation objectively, respectfully listen to your mother’s request, but also “skillfully ensure” your vision and desires are communicated with the intent to make your vision shine through for the wedding.

We have had many brides who hired us because of our tactical approach and ability to play this role.

Lastly, we operate form the understanding that no matter how much stress your opinionated family member may cause, chances are that they are coming from a place of love and excitement, but may just be unaware of the best way to express and communicate that. With our skillful blend of heart and firmness, we help everyone involved feel heard and understood

How do I avoid my guest count going out of control?

The first point I will say here is please do not invite more guests to the wedding, than you have seats for with the hopes that you will get some guests who decline. There is always a possibility that all your guests decide to show up, and if that happens, what do you do?

The best way to avoid this is to only invite guests who you can accommodate within your budget and space.
Create an “A” guest list based on what your budget and space can accommodate, also create a “B” guest list. The “B” guest list allows you to have a certain number of people you would like to invite in case people from the “A” guest list can not make it.

Only after you receive a “No RSVP” should you then invite someone from the “B” guest list. Trust us, we know it is hard
when everyone wants to attend the wedding and support you but you have to be realistic with your budget and venue capacity

What is the best way to handle a guest adding a plus one on the RSVP card when I did not allot one to them?

This can be an easy one depending on how cooperative the guest is.

Once you receive the RSVP from the guest, and you notice the number of guest assigned has changed, immediately reach out to the guest and politely let them know that you don’t have any additional room for more guests. Hopefully this is not an older aunt or uncle who will get upset.

To avoid having family members get upset with you, have your wedding planner handle this. Most of the times, when family members deal with a third party, they are more likely to be cooperative.

How do you decide who gets a plus one and who doesn’t?

This is a common question and sometimes it has to be on a case-by-case base, depending on what your budget and venue capacity is. However, there are certain general rules you can consider.

Consider giving a plus one to anyone;

  • Who’s married
  • Who’s engaged
  • Who lives together, or is in a long-term/serious relationship
  • Your wedding party
  • A VIP guest who might not know anyone at the wedding

Also consider reading Plus-One-Wedding-Etiquette from the Huffington Post as well as The Knot’s Who-Needs-A-Plus-One to help guide you through this

What is the best way to deal with a bridesmaid who is not cooperating?

Non-cooperative bridesmaids are not uncommon and we understand it can be a stressor for you when planning a wedding.

We strongly recommend selecting your bridesmaids based on people who are the most supportive, and not simply based on people you are close to.

You know the temperament and personality of your friends. You know the ones who are flexible and willing, and the ones who could be difficult, so try not to put people who you know are difficult to work with on your train. We know sometimes, this could be unavoidable because that difficult person might be your best friend or sister.

So if and when you have an uncooperative bridesmaid the first step is to try to talk to the person about the issue at hand, and not let it linger. Let the person know you have a lot on your plate with the wedding and you will appreciate their support in making the wedding preparations a smooth process.

Also, try not to give bridesmaids too much responsibility, as this might cause conflict between them. For instance, don’t ask the bridesmaids to select things like the dresses or colors, make that selection yourself to avoid any drama.

It is also important to have a meeting (in person or virtual) with all the bridesmaids together from the start, to get everyone on the same page, and remind them that this is an important time of your life and you will need a lot of love, support and

Will you like to ask RAE Affairs a question? Send us a message on the contact form or an email to and we just might select your question and feature it on our blog along with a detailed answer

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