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How to Plan, Prepare and Pack for Your Honeymoon

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After all of the stress and anxiety that can be involved in pulling off a wedding without a hitch, some time away with your newly acquired spouse might be just what the doctor ordered.

Taking time to rest, recuperate and bask in the “newly wed” glow is a great way to start your new adventure as a married couple. It isn’t something you can wing though. At least you shouldn’t. Planning your honeymoon requires some thought and advance preparation. Here are some tips for planning, preparing and packing for your dream honeymoon:


Fiance & You Time

Don’t fall into this trap. It is a difficult trap not to fall into. In fact we think every couple when planning their wedding has fallen into this at one point or another. Don’t spend every waking moment talking about your wedding, remember you were both a couple before he proposed and you both had lives and lots to talk about before the wedding came along. What you don’t want to do is spend all your time together post engagement talking about the wedding. You want to make sure you have restrictions and still focus on the both of you as a couple and building your relationship together. It can be difficult because there is wedding planning things popping up every time, but you can set boundaries and stick to them. Set specific wedding discussion times during the week. Outside of that time, have fun, plan date nights and activities together where I it is all about the both of you. Enjoy your period of engagement. It only comes once.



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