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Destination D.C

Are you thinking of getting married in DC? Washington D.C. Is a beautiful place to get married, it not only has history but it has a lot of character and diversity. Washington, D.C. is a great place to get married for several reasons, making it an attractive destination for couples looking to tie the knot. Here are some of the key factors that make D.C. an excellent wedding location:

  • Historical and Iconic Venues: The city is home to a wealth of historic and iconic wedding venues, such as the National Cathedral, Smithsonian museums, and historical homes. These venues offer a unique and memorable backdrop for your special day.
  • Cultural Significance: Washington, D.C. is the capital of the United States and holds immense cultural and historical significance. A wedding here can be infused with a sense of grandeur and importance.
  • Picturesque Outdoor Spaces: The city boasts beautiful outdoor locations, including the National Mall, the Tidal Basin, and numerous parks, which are perfect for outdoor ceremonies and photographs.


  • Diverse Culinary Scene: D.C. offers a diverse culinary scene, with a wide range of catering options to suit various tastes and preferences. You can find everything from traditional to international cuisine.
  • Access to World-Class Vendors: The city has a robust wedding industry with numerous experienced vendors, including wedding planners, photographers, florists, and entertainers, making it easier to assemble a top-notch team for your wedding.
  • Diverse Cultural Communities: Washington, D.C. is a melting pot of cultures and backgrounds, which can provide a rich and diverse backdrop for your wedding. You can incorporate cultural elements and traditions into your celebration.
  • Ease of Transportation: The city’s well-connected public transportation system and proximity to major airports make it convenient for guests traveling from out of town.
  • Seasonal Beauty: The city experiences all four seasons, each offering a unique and stunning backdrop for your wedding. From cherry blossoms in the spring to the changing colors of the leaves in the fall, there’s something for every season.


  • Historical and Cultural Attractions: D.C. offers numerous attractions and activities for both you and your guests to enjoy before or after the wedding, from visiting museums and monuments to exploring the city’s vibrant neighborhoods.
  • Political and Civic Significance: If you or your partner have a background or interest in politics, D.C. provides a special atmosphere for a wedding with its political and civic significance.
  • A Variety of Wedding Styles: Whether you envision a formal, black-tie affair or a more relaxed and intimate celebration, D.C. has venues and settings to suit different wedding styles and sizes.
  • Legal and Administrative Support: The city’s marriage licensing process is relatively straightforward, making it easy for couples to obtain a marriage license.
  • Diverse Accommodation Options: D.C. offers a wide range of accommodations to suit different budgets and preferences, ensuring that your out-of-town guests have a comfortable stay.
  • Scenic Waterfronts: The Potomac River and the Chesapeake Bay are within a short drive, offering scenic waterfront venues for a romantic and picturesque wedding.


  • Cultural Events: The city hosts various cultural events and festivals throughout the year, providing additional entertainment and experiences for your wedding guests.

With its rich history, diverse culture, stunning venues, and numerous amenities, Washington, D.C. can be an exceptional place to host a wedding that reflects your unique style and tastes. Whether you’re a local or considering a destination wedding, D.C. offers a wealth of options to make your special day truly memorable.


In an upcoming post, we will go into a series about wedding venues in the DC area to consider if you are considering getting married in DC. 


Until then, Relax And Enjoy!



Navigating Thanksgiving As A Fiance

Thanksgiving is upon us this week! Being engaged around the holidays is a great feeling. No other season carries all the feels of love than Thanksgiving and Christmas. Navigating Thanksgiving as an engaged couple can be a wonderful experience as you blend two families and celebrate together. Here are some tips to help you have a smooth and enjoyable Thanksgiving:


  • Communicate Your Plans: Before the holiday, have a conversation with your fiancé about what you both want from the day. Discuss whether you’d like to spend time with both families, alternate between them, or have your own celebration.
  • Discuss Expectations: Share your expectations with each other. Be open about traditions, customs, and any specific preferences you have regarding Thanksgiving celebrations.
  • Coordinate with Families: Once you have a plan, communicate with your respective families. Let them know your intentions for the holiday and make sure they are aware of your decisions and any schedule changes.
  • Host Your Own Gathering: If you and your fiancé prefer to have your own Thanksgiving celebration, consider hosting it at your home or a neutral location. This can be a great way to start your own traditions as a couple.
  • Combine Traditions: If you decide to celebrate with both families, think about ways to incorporate each family’s traditions into the day. You can combine recipes, customs, and activities from both sides.
  • Help with Preparation: Whether you are hosting your own gathering or participating in family celebrations, offer to help with the preparations. You can assist with cooking, setting the table, or even cleaning up.
  • Respect Family Traditions: When visiting your families, respect their traditions and customs. Be flexible and open to participating in their Thanksgiving rituals.
  • Create Your Own Traditions: Consider starting your own Thanksgiving traditions as an engaged couple. This could be as simple as having a special dish or activity that is unique to the two of you.
  • Celebrate with Friends: If spending time with both families is logistically challenging, you can also consider celebrating with close friends or other engaged couples who may be in a similar situation.
  • Express Gratitude: Thanksgiving is a time for gratitude. Take a moment to express your appreciation for each other and for the opportunity to celebrate as an engaged couple.
  • Document the Day: Take photos and document your Thanksgiving celebration. This will be a great way to remember the first Thanksgiving you spent together as an engaged couple.
  • Relax and Enjoy: Thanksgiving can be a busy and sometimes stressful holiday. Remember to relax, enjoy the moment, and cherish the time you have with each other and your families.
  • Plan for Alone Time: It’s essential to have some quality alone time as a couple, even on a family-oriented holiday. Plan to spend some quiet moments together, perhaps after all the festivities, to reflect on your engagement and what you’re thankful for.
  • Have completely separate times: It is completely okay to decide not to spend thanksgiving together and spend it with your individual families knowing that this is the last thanksgiving you will have with your individual families before you become your own family unit. So if you choose to spend the time separately it is completely fine as well.


Remember that Thanksgiving is a time for gratitude, togetherness, and celebration. By communicating, coordinating, and embracing the holiday with an open heart, you can navigate Thanksgiving as an engaged couple with joy and harmony.


Enjoy The Moments

Congratulations on your engagement! This must be a very exciting time for you and your fiance. There are several things you can do to start planning and preparing for your life together as a married couple. However before you get into the weeds of things, one thing we advise is to take a moment to yourself to take it all in. It is such an exciting moment and you can make sure you savor it and enjoy the excitement with your fiance and those who matter to you the most. 


In the world of social media it is common to want to post and share the excitement immediately, but try giving it a bit of time. Share the news with your close family and friends, and enjoy the joy of that for a couple of days before making it fully public beyond your circle of friends.



As you share the news you will hear questions like “when is the date?” “What are you wearing?” “where will the wedding be?” “What are the wedding colors?” How many bridesmaids will you have?” While all well intentioned, it can be overwhelming to think of all of this at once soon after you say “yes.” 


We will share another post on the next steps you can take when you are getting ready to begin planning your wedding. When you are ready your first step is to hire a wedding planner but until then, take about two weeks to a month to enjoy the moment; take it all in and savor your new title of “fiance.” 


We will share more ideas soon, until then, continue to Relax And Enjoy!


How to Plan, Prepare and Pack for Your Honeymoon

Contributor -The Travel Custodian

After all of the stress and anxiety that can be involved in pulling off a wedding without a hitch, some time away with your newly acquired spouse might be just what the doctor ordered.

Taking time to rest, recuperate and bask in the “newly wed” glow is a great way to start your new adventure as a married couple. It isn’t something you can wing though. At least you shouldn’t. Planning your honeymoon requires some thought and advance preparation. Here are some tips for planning, preparing and packing for your dream honeymoon:

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