Congratulations on your engagement! This must be a very exciting time for you and your fiance. There are several things you can do to start planning and preparing for your life together as a married couple. However before you get into the weeds of things, one thing we advise is to take a moment to yourself to take it all in. It is such an exciting moment and you can make sure you savor it and enjoy the excitement with your fiance and those who matter to you the most. 


In the world of social media it is common to want to post and share the excitement immediately, but try giving it a bit of time. Share the news with your close family and friends, and enjoy the joy of that for a couple of days before making it fully public beyond your circle of friends.



As you share the news you will hear questions like “when is the date?” “What are you wearing?” “where will the wedding be?” “What are the wedding colors?” How many bridesmaids will you have?” While all well intentioned, it can be overwhelming to think of all of this at once soon after you say “yes.” 


We will share another post on the next steps you can take when you are getting ready to begin planning your wedding. When you are ready your first step is to hire a wedding planner but until then, take about two weeks to a month to enjoy the moment; take it all in and savor your new title of “fiance.” 


We will share more ideas soon, until then, continue to Relax And Enjoy!